Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve and Other Misc

Taking a break from staring blankly at the script I'm working on for my application to the film program. Also waiting for a guy to call, which is a new experience for me. A guy calling me in general is rather astounding to me, waiting for it to happen is rather tedious. It reminds me why I've gotten to the age of 19 without too much of my time being spent like this. 

So Christmas was rather nice. Got Guitar Hero III for Wii. Incredibly awesome. I spent most of Christmas day playing and was able to beat the easy level. Also Christmas brought something that I've wanted for a long time. My first turn table. It's a portable one. Numark, which means nothing to me but it works well.

Interesting to say the least. The guy responding to the original attacks is brilliant. I think the most ridiculous claim is that writing fanfiction is damaging to someone who aspires to being a professional writer. That's crap, to put it simply. If anything fanfiction encourages writing. The claim that it's unoriginal and insulting to the fandom is unfounded. One thing that fanfic does is help the fanbase grow. Somebody likes the original work enough to want to expand on it, to want to spend their free time thinking about it and striving to create something that does it justice. How is that a bad thing? 

Alright, back to script writing and Law & Order Criminal Intent watching (gotta love USA Network for the all day marathon.)

Oh and good news for any late night fans. January 2nd marks the return of the late night shows. Conan O'Brien will be back on! Yowzer.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

WGA Strike Support; Plea From a Fan Girl

Right now if you were to look at my livejournal page you would see that my profile icon, in the font of Law & Order, proclaims:

Law & Order: CI fans support the WGA strike.

For those who don't dig the whole Law & Order scene, the Doink-doink is that noise heard through out the show. (I'm sure that explanation provoked a collective "oh!")

And yes I do support the strike. As an aspiring TV & Film writer I absolutely support the strike. I think that by striking the writers have proven just how important they are to the entertainment industry. Often portrayed and referred to as the low man on the totem pole, or at least that's how it seems to be in my film classes at school, the writers are finally getting some attention. 

TV shows are running out of new episodes and some films have had to shut down production without access to a WGA approved writer. There are two new episodes left of Law & Order: CI. As of right now there is only one more new episode of Numb3rs being spoiled on So having establishing my support, I now would like to establish my, as well as many other TV addicts, incredible need for the strike to be resolved.

On Tuesday afternoon I'm sitting in an English class. It's one of those instances where you would rather be anywhere else in the world or maybe banging your head against a wall. Just because it would be something else to do. About twelve minutes in to class my mind has wandered off to the episode of House that will be awaiting me after an hour and a half spent in traffic. After House is the latest episode of Law & Order SVU. Granted I haven't been quite as excited lately because of the obvious and painful lack of Richard Belzer's character John Munch. However that is another rant for another time.

Thursday all I can think about is Law & Order Criminal Intent. The entire day has become dedicated to this show thanks to the USA Network and their all day marathon. I wake up, watch a few episodes, leave for school, get back from school and watch a few more reruns. The new episode beginning later that night. My fangirling of Vincent D'Onofrio is also part of this process.

And let us not forget the late night shows. How I miss my Conan O'Brien. Week nights just aren't the same. There's no new Jay Leno to mock, no Lettermen to annoy. No new Conan to giggle over. And by giggle I of course mean laugh insanely hard to the point that I wonder if I've woken some one up.

It has become a slightly sadder world for those of us addicted to Television. Although I have been catching up on DVDs I had been putting aside because, silly me, I had purchased them on a night of new episodes. Of course I'm also running out on DVDs to catch up on now.

So this is merely a blind plea. Give as much support as you can to the WGA. However, at the same time hope for a resolution soon. Cause I want to see House and Cuddy get it on.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Night part 2

Some surprises and some disappointments.

Two delightful moments though:

1. Late Night with Conan O'Brien won for outstanding writing. Fangirl-gasm. I'm still beyond words excited. I really can't say much more on it because I'm not sure what to say because it's just so wonderful for that writing staff to finally get recognized after 14 years on the air.

2. The Sopranos. How great for them that their last season brought them an Emmy. Also there was an awesome tribute to the show with music provided by the B'way show Jersey Boys. What a great way to end their 6 season run.

Okay. Seacrest not the world's greatest host (my love remains with Conan), Jon Cryer should've gotten the Emmy, and a little disappointed by some of the others. Please God give me one awards show that doesn't involve Al Gore. Focus a show that awards entertainment with... oh I don't know... the entertainers. Just a thought.
Really happy for James Spader winning the best actor, although I still would've liked to see it go to Hugh Laurie or James Gandalfini.

All in all it was an alright show.

Emmy Night! Part 1

It's that time of the year again. The Primetime Emmys! It's very exciting... for me anyways. Even though I'm not crazy about this year's host. Especially in compairison with last year's host: Conan O'Brien. Some how we've ended up with Ryan Seacreast... yeah not excited about that one. However many of the shows I love are nominated and many of the actors and actresses I love are nominated. So here we go with what I hope will happen:

Comedy Series: Two and A Half Men. This show has just gotten funnier as it has gone along and really deserves some recognition. If it actually gets it... well who knows.

Drama Series: I'm torn. I love House like no other but at the same time The Sopranos is nominated for what will be the last time now that the show has wrapped up.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Really no preference here. If Tony Shalloub wins again for Monk that'll be great. Ricky Gervis is also nominated which would prompt an interesting acceptance speech I'm sure.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Torn once more. Hugh Laurie is nominated for House and James Gandolfini for The Sopranos. Both play incredible characters so I'm happy if either one wins. I also wouldn't be disappointed if James Spader walked away with the award... just because I thnk he's pretty.

Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: So we meet again category that has scorned me before. If you have ever wondered why I hate Al Pachino this category is why (Meredith remembers that night well. I was very angry). I'm pulling for Matthew Perry who is nominated for The Ron Clark Story which was a great movie from TNT.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: No real preference here. I think it would be great is America Ferrera won again for Ugly Betty.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Mariska Hargitay is nominated once more for Law & Order Special Victims Unit, I'm always happy if someone from SVU wins. However Edie Falco is nominated for The Sopranos. Both are incredible actresses. But honestly gotta say that I'm hopeful for Mariska.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Jon Cryer no question. He's so funny and so underrated. The poor man's Matthew Broderick as he has been called. Please give him the Emmy.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: I'm really hoping for Michael Imperioli for The Sopranos. He's just great.

Variety, Music, or Comedy Series: It's been 14 years. Give the damn award to Late Night with Conan O'Brien already! For as long as I can remember Jon Stewart has won this award. Change this year! Give it to Conan for the love of God. This is the 12th nomination. Give it to him.

Those are my thoughts right now. I'll be back later on with Part 2.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Lets Play Catch Up

It's been a while so here's a new post!

HARRY POTTER: Oh my God! Deathly Hollows was incredible and to many a people out there TOLD YOU SO! That's all I have to say on this because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

OBSESSIONS: Love for Studio 60 has been rekindled thanks to Mark McKinney and Timothy Busfield. However I remain incredibly pissed that it won't be coming back for a second season. I do however have most of the episodes off of iTunes and intend to get the DVDs when they come out.

Comes out in October and includes audio commentary so you know that I'll be there.

Mark McKinney has become a new favorite of mine (now I love two of the Kids in the Hall). A new actor obsession means one thing of course: finding obscure movies that he has been in. Always a fun task to focus on.

Timothy Busfield has also become a new favorite thanks in large part to Studio 60 and West Wing. My birthday present this year was the Complete Series of West Wing. If you haven't watched this show it's your loss.

Speaking of Busfield, isn't it incredible when you find out a past role that someone has been in. I bring up this because of a little movie I love dearly called Revenge of the Nerds. Poindexter always seemed oddly familiar to me and I just couldn't figure out why. Then I figure it out:


Also Poindexter:

Blew my mind a little bit.

Okay so that's all I've got for right now. School in a little bit. Today we watch Jurrasic Park, my parents are thrilled that they pay tution for me to watch movies then discuss them. Haha.


Oh a little note on Revenge of the Nerds, if ever you get the chance to watch the movie with the audio commentary it is totally worth it! The commentary is as funny as the movie.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Friday

A rather slow day today. No remedial math class for retards and fuck ups today! (A Ghost World reference for those none the wiser). I've spent my afternoon searching for movies at Circuit City, fruitless as always. So now I'm enjoying True Romance with the audio commentary on (Tarantino, I could listen to him talk all day... although I could think of some ways to shut him up). I think the rest of my day and this evening I'll just watch movies and work on some stories. There's a new fanfic on the horizon, not to mention a few original stories that I've been working on.

Oh a new show that might be worth checking out. Not actually new but it's new to me. Slings and Arrows, a Canadian show that Mark McKinney (one of the Kids in the Hall) performs and writes. It's very funny and definetly worth watching, I think all three seasons might be up on Youtube.

Hopefully I'll be checking out a used book store tomorrow that also has used movies and music, yay! I'm hoping to find some stuff from my Find List there. A few little known Tarantino as an actor flicks, some Steve Buscemi movies cause who doesn't love Buscemi? and some other misc stuff.

Okay, so I've basically did nothing but ramble this time around. Just trying to get the thoughts in my head to stop swirling and focus on my writing. I'll try and post something with a little more substance later.


Monday, July 2, 2007

My Top Ten

So I have a current fascination with watching E! I've been watching their "news" shows, The Soup, Girls Next Door, True Hollywood Story. (Relax though, I don't watch the, to be perfectly immature, stupid shows with Paris and Nicole and that ridiculous Sunset Tan) Alright, I'm getting to a point, I was watching one of the entertainment shows the other night and they listed their "Top Ten Hollywood Guys" which we all know is just a giant beauty pagent for guys. Well I'm rejected you Top Ten E! List. Here are my top ten guys:

10. Kevin Smith. Geek royalty, much beloved by stoners, geeks, and general whoevers. His hilarious films rock and manage to not only entertain but also give some small messages along the way.

9. Conan O'Brien. "Keep cool my babies!" The beloved O'Brien. Future king of late night (Once he takes over for Leno) not only a Harvard grad but just a funny man.

8. Bill Pullman. The hotter brother that Sandra Bullock should have known about from the get go in While You Were Sleeping. Pullman has a great diversity in his film roles. Capable of going from something like Scary Movie 4 to the chick flick supreme While You Were Sleeping all the way to a more serious role in Igby Goes Down. Plus he's very very attractive.

7. Alan Tuydk. Well hello there. Popular for playing Wash from Firefly and Steve The Pirate from Dodgeball. Also easy on the eyes and capable of musical theatre, drama, and a mental patient. Yay for Tuydk.

6. Dave Foley. My favorite Canadian. The man who taught me that sarcasm is a gift. God bless Canada.

5. Vincent D'Onofrio. Token pretty guy. An amazing character actor who gets no where near the respect that he deserves. Worship at the alter of D'Onofrio.

4. David Krumholtz. Math prof hottie. Numb3rs is what it is because of this curly haired actor. If he and I were to have children, they would be adorable... just saying... should he read this... probably won't... putting it out there anyways.

3. Richard Belzer. Conspiracy theoriest, stand up comedian, TV detective John Munch for the last 14 years. Sarcastic, suspicious... delicious.

2. Quentin Tarantino. I'll ride in his car any day of the week. Rebel filmmaker. Self made Hollywood man. Oh baby.

1. Alan Rickman. I dare you to not enjoy one of his movies. It can't be done. He is a terrific actor who, like many, doesn't always get the appreication that he deserves. And my God, his voice... damn... other Rickman fans know what I'm talking about.

Look at that, a top ten list that doesn't consist of clones. All have different positions in Hollywood and more then that all have honest to goodness, geniune talent. Take that E!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unleash Your Imagination... kinda

The tag line for is "Unleash your imagination" however it seems that a more appropriate comment would be "Unleash your imagination, but read this list of what you can and cannot write first." When I got into fanfiction there were still NC-17 stories on, I've been a member since December 2003 (although I have been reading longer then that). However, currently if you so much as imply that two characters are looking at each other in a suggestive manner someone sends an alert and your account is deleted. While I've yet to run into this problem, being a stickler for proper rating, I fear that anything rated higher then a K+ will be removed in an attempt to appease those easily offended.

Now they have added a feature so that the author can filter profanity in the reviews they recieve. That's right, authors have been given the power to decide which reviews they do or do not want. I find that to be ridiculous. If you put your story out there for people to read then you put it out there to be reviewed as well. It's one thing if you get a burn review and delete that but to have so much controll might go to a writer's head. Almost six year, 22 posted stories, 54,987 hits, and 425 reviews later only once did I deem worthy to remove one of the reviews I recieved. Somebody has to say something pretty damn offensive for me to delete it.

It has gotten to the point where people who want to read something other than your typical K-rated fluff stories go else where. Livejournal communities have sprung up all over for topics that have been unaccepted on the more "mainstream" type sites. Authors also tend to put their watered down versions of a story on and then go else where to post the actual version. That or they add an "email me for the other version" note after the disclaimer. Gee I wonder how many readers lost after that decision went into play.

Some stories do deserve harsh reviews and some reviews deserve to be removed. People can be mean and people can write stories that make you go "What the fuck did I just read?" (BTW thanks to the new filter, the thought I just put down can be censored) People really need to learn to use their own judgement. If you know that you don't like higher rated subject matter then don't read it and be surprised that you don't like it. I don't like slash stories so I make a point of not reading them. I have a friend who doesn't enjoy reading het, so she doesn't. See how easy that was?

Something else that I've noticed lately in the fanfic relem is people getting very uppity about AU stories and OOC situations. Lets break down the word FANFICTION. FAN being someone who enjoys a fandom FICTION being NOT REAL. Meaning that what we're writing here is not going to happen on the TV show (With the odd exception of Gilmore Girls, that entire April story line was like a bad fanfic story). If you like the characters to remain canon then write and read those ones. There are great search engines and search filters on most sites, use them.

So many readers and writers go to fanfiction because they want something different. Something that they weren't finding or getting enough of from their fandom. But we've managed to end up with readers who delight in getting accounts deleted, the power to controll what we want to be told about our stories, and general censorship. Writers who dare to unleash their imaginations, with their only concern being "Is this something that people will enjoy", end up with their account deleted because somebody didn't approve.

I love fanfiction. I remain loyal to despite the changes, but I long for the days when fanfiction was still "new" and we foolishly made the assumption that everyone had the common sense. Silly us.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thank God You're Here, Dave Foley!

It was hilarious. Thank God You're Here! had an amazing two hour premire. Dave Foley is there as the judge... a wonderful... Sarcastic Canadian judge. Oh the children we would have. Ha. Ha. Moving on. If you didn't catch it this past Monday then tune in next Monday and watch it. I cannot remember the last time a TV show has made me laugh as hard as I did.

So I got the fifth and final season of News Radio this past week. As much as I love the show it really isn't the same without Phil Hartman. But Dave Foley is still there so I suffer through, haha.

Does anyone know if it is some kind of sign if you get hit with a clock? I know that's a random question but I'm trying to figure if God is trying to tell me something or if it was pure unlucky gravity. This morning I was getting dressed and I went to get something out of the chest of draws that my TV is on. Now on top of the TV is my retro Ikea clock. As I closed the bottom drawer it hit a little hard and the clock suddenly fell... and landed on my wrist... rather painfully. Gravity or God? Something about time or "damn! what the hell!?"

Alright, this is going to be it for tonight for two reasons. First Conan O'Brien is on and I love Conan. Second Carson is going to be on in a few minutes and while I hate Carson, one Mr. Quentin Tarantino is the guest tonight... I'm still trying to figure out both the crush and interest in his chin... Any thoughts my two readers?

Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's right I mean Quentin Tarantino. This might seem odd to some but here we go. The other night I was half-reading, half-watching Jay Leno, suddenly I looked up and QT had come out and filled the empty guest chair. That's when I found out... he's funny. Granted there are occasional moments of humor in his films, the discussion of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" song in Reservoir Dogs was hystarical. I couldn't explain what happened next but my mind came up with some rather unusal thoughts about the Director/Writer/Actor. I could've sworn that I thought he was attractive. Never before had this thought crossed my mind there it was.

I've shared mine now I want to hear someone else's celeb crush that probably should stay secret. Let me hear 'em... I know that I've only got like three readers, but play along here.

In other observations... I am loving the new show Andy Barker P.I. it's funny, Andy is hilarious, and best of all Tony Hale who is best known as playing Buster in Arrested Development is so fantasticly funny.

Coming up next week: the premier of Thank God You're Here. Looks kinda funny but here's what I'm looking forward to: Dave Foley. Oh baby. My favorite Canuck comedian being sarcastic and judging, I giggly girlishly at the thought. I would just like to point out that if Dave Foley and I had a kid, it would be the most sarcastic thing on the playground.

Okay, well that's all. If I get anymore ideas of something to write on or if something interesting happens I'll be here first... nothing much interesting happens much.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


So I was heading over to YouTube as per my usual Saturday night of doing nothing. In hopes of finding something of a humorus nature to watch I instead came across something called "Open Letter to the Rosie O'Donnell's of the World". I confess being interested. I clicked on the video and found a very well articulated man explaining his point of view and well controlled anger at the rather brash talk show host. Apparently she did a rather discouraging imitation of speaking Japenese. Not being a fan of The View I hadn't know about this. Also it hadn't been broadcast quite as much because for a change it wasn't Rosie calling someone else names.

For a self-proclaimed champion of those who she feels worthy of speaking against I was surprised that there hasn't been any response from her. I think that she was completely out of line to do such an unapologetic impression. I know that I feel annoyed when I see poor impressions of Americans. Also getting on my nerves is just Rosie in general. I'm surprised that we've gotten this far without another feud. First she goes after Kelly Ripa (seriously? It wouldn't matter who put their hand over my mouth I would remove it. You don't know where people have been.) Then she gets mad about Trump giving that beauty queen a second chance. While I think that beauty pagents just perpetuate girls feeling bad about themselves because they don't look like Barbie dolls. Trump giving this woman a second chance is a good example that there is such thing as understanding in this world (although it might have skipped a certain morning talk show host). Don't even get me started about how she is constantly going after Bush. I don't know why everyone thinks that constant complaining will get anything done. If you want something done you need organization and a well structured arguement that examines both sides of the topic. While I don't necessarily agree with everything that Bush does I do think that he deserves the respect that is afforded to the President of our country. Hell people still respected Clinton and he was doing the nasty with interns IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Of course that's just what I think. I could be wrong. But I'm okay with my views. I'm not trying to jam them down anyone's throat, I'm just saying.

How about something we can all agree on? The media giving such a ridiculously amount of focus to Spears shaving her head and going in and out of rehab. Also the whole insane trial over Anna Nicole's body. While I do feel bad for Anna Nicole and her family, I do think that we should be reporting on, oh I don't know, THE NEWS? Remember the news? Some former pop star (who wasn't all that great, I could live without ever having heard the song Toxic) acting crazy, who cares? I think a lot of people are getting sick of both these topics.

That's all for now. Let me know what you think. All two people who read this...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Insomina - #1

I hate nights like this. Nights when I lie awake and try to clear my mind of all thoughts but fail miserably. Then I end up infront of the computer screen with another episode of SVU playing in the background. Tonight what I can't get out of my head is the fact that I've been in AZ for 8 months now and I've only made a few friends, most of which I never see.

I can't get it out of my head that I've never had a boyfriend yet I'm completely enamoured with the idea of having one. This thought enrapts my mind enough that I was actually considering making a profile on, if I wasn't so worried about ending up with some wack job (which as my luck would be...) I would do it. As it stands I'm too afraid to do it.

Fear isn't something I'm used to. My friends back home have always told me that I would be in Gryffindor because I'm brave. It's rare that I feel like something is beyond me or unattainable. Everyday I get to school early. Like really early. I have a long commute so I'm there a couple hours ahead of time. That wouldn't be so bad except I have no friends to hang out with at campus and I end up sitting by myself for a majority of the time. I had hoped to find a club or something the other day when all the clubs had their stands set up, however all I could find was the young republicans (which I did sign up for).

The thing that I constantly wonder... does anyone else feel like this?

Well lets see if another SVU rerun can lull me to sleep... unless of course the Belz is on... I can't sleep through his scenes.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Underrated Movie Of the Week

This is my idea for... well really just for something to do. That is the underrated movie of the week.

So my movie suggestion for this week is: Brain Candy (The Kids In The Hall)

This is a hilarious movie that stays true to the wacky, slightly dark, cross-dressing humor that we all enjoyed from the TV show. The premise is a simple one. Scientists invent a medication that cures depression. However there is one minor side affect which I won't spoil.

See this movie.

Do it.



Seriously. See it.

Dibs on Dave Foley.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globe Night

I should not be aloud to watch award shows. It's as simple as that. Emotional is not a word that is used to describe me. Sarcastic, cynical, witty, loud. Those are the words that describe me. However when I watch an award show, any award show I start to blubber like a little girl with a skinned knee. So tonight I reluctantly turned on the Golden Globes because my best friend in PA was watching before me, obviously, it was on there because of the time difference. She told me to turn it on at a certain time because someone cool won. I of course listened to her and put it on in time to see Hugh Laurie recieving his award. After that I was hooked.

My favorite acceptence speech aside from Hugh's was America Ferrera's speech, anyone who watched that and felt nothing is truly lacking some emotion because she deserved it and was so genuinely grateful for the award. So there are four stages I go through when watching these things.

1) Why am I watching this? I promised myself last time that I wouldn't do this again. I have a stack of Kids in the Hall dvds that need to be watched but I leave this on. I know how it's going to end, me in tears.

2) Crying. I never cry. Never. I've cried maybe three times in the past couple of months. When Grandma died, when I saw the movie Bobby, and the last time I had a panic attack. I don't know what it is about award shows. It might be because it's what I'm striving for and what I'll be dreaming about when I start my film classes tomorrow.

3) Image. With in the first couple of minutes of watching these programs I begin to imagine what I would say were I ever to win any award. Which would require me getting a movie made. If school goes well, internships happen and I continue to write the way I have been might happen some day.

4) A Repeat of Why? I finish watching it and again I go "Why did I just do that?"

Well it's over now. I'm settling in with a little NewsRadio (Thanks to the buy one get one free DVD sale going on at Barnes and Noble) and staying calm (no panic attacks tonight). First day of classes tomorrow. Lets see how ASU works for me.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Podcast Vs. Podcast

"Yeah I listen to two Harry Potter podcasts"
"Don't worry, I find that rather endearing"
-My sister and I

So I've got many... MANY obsessions in my geek life. The biggest one after Star Wars is Harry Potter. I'm a multi-layered geek (how do I not have guys in line for me?). And within each fandom I'm apart of I've got even more layers of obsession. So with Harry Potter... well I'll just come out and say it... I've got it bad for Professor Snape. I'm not ashamed.

Because I've got these interests I enjoy listening to podcasts for both. There is a wonderful one called Snapecast ( it's a podcast completely devoted to Snape. The other one I listen to is Mugglecast (, which is kind of a given since most any Harry Potter fan is either a supporter of Mugglenet or Leaky Cauldren when it comes to Harry Potter news. I'm getting away from where I was trying to go with this.

Here's where I am going. I don't want to pin these podcasts against each other but here's my thing. I love both of these podcasts for their own reasons but I've also got issues with them for different reasons. Mugglecast spends quite a bit of time getting off topic. When I read their description for the week's episode and see a topic that I'm interested in I download it and sit down to listen to said topic. What I end up with is about half an hour of inside jokes and randomness until I can get to the topic. At first I wasn't too bothered but then it contiuned and started to become annoying. With Snapecast it's not really that they get off topic it's just that you have trouble hearing them or understanding what they're saying.

I don't want to attack anyone or come off as some geek-bitch but this is just something I wanted to say. If you're going to do a podcast at least do it well. The two that I mentioned both have a good show going it's just little things that kinda get on peoples nerves. I have one friend who stopped listening to Mugglecast because she didn't like it when they got off topic so much with inside jokes that the listeners didn't always follow.

Still. Check out the links I put. They both do a good job on what they do...

...And Snape is innocent.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Whatever Happened To?

So I went to the movies today (by myself. Geekish, I know.) I want to know what the hell happened to movies that revolved around story lines or characters. Maybe some dialouge. For the half hours of previews that I sat through I either cringed because of the loud and constant gunshots, screaming, and (much to my dislike) the splatter of blood. Or I sat there astounding that these movies were seriously being released to the public. Oh! And by the way, movies about hitchhikers murdering people, spies playing with guns in the woods, or houses trying to kill people ARE NOT approved for all audiences. I'm 18 and I felt compelled to cover my eyes. One thing that does seem to be a bright light in all of the desensitized movies that are coming out now is the idea that if they are giving these people movies then maybe I'll have a chance. Of course if I ever write my genius comedy script it will probably be rewritten to include aforemention hitchhiker or some sort of political aspect. It's a fucked up world we live in. Whatever happened to the comedy?