Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve and Other Misc

Taking a break from staring blankly at the script I'm working on for my application to the film program. Also waiting for a guy to call, which is a new experience for me. A guy calling me in general is rather astounding to me, waiting for it to happen is rather tedious. It reminds me why I've gotten to the age of 19 without too much of my time being spent like this. 

So Christmas was rather nice. Got Guitar Hero III for Wii. Incredibly awesome. I spent most of Christmas day playing and was able to beat the easy level. Also Christmas brought something that I've wanted for a long time. My first turn table. It's a portable one. Numark, which means nothing to me but it works well.

Interesting to say the least. The guy responding to the original attacks is brilliant. I think the most ridiculous claim is that writing fanfiction is damaging to someone who aspires to being a professional writer. That's crap, to put it simply. If anything fanfiction encourages writing. The claim that it's unoriginal and insulting to the fandom is unfounded. One thing that fanfic does is help the fanbase grow. Somebody likes the original work enough to want to expand on it, to want to spend their free time thinking about it and striving to create something that does it justice. How is that a bad thing? 

Alright, back to script writing and Law & Order Criminal Intent watching (gotta love USA Network for the all day marathon.)

Oh and good news for any late night fans. January 2nd marks the return of the late night shows. Conan O'Brien will be back on! Yowzer.