Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Night part 2

Some surprises and some disappointments.

Two delightful moments though:

1. Late Night with Conan O'Brien won for outstanding writing. Fangirl-gasm. I'm still beyond words excited. I really can't say much more on it because I'm not sure what to say because it's just so wonderful for that writing staff to finally get recognized after 14 years on the air.

2. The Sopranos. How great for them that their last season brought them an Emmy. Also there was an awesome tribute to the show with music provided by the B'way show Jersey Boys. What a great way to end their 6 season run.

Okay. Seacrest not the world's greatest host (my love remains with Conan), Jon Cryer should've gotten the Emmy, and a little disappointed by some of the others. Please God give me one awards show that doesn't involve Al Gore. Focus a show that awards entertainment with... oh I don't know... the entertainers. Just a thought.
Really happy for James Spader winning the best actor, although I still would've liked to see it go to Hugh Laurie or James Gandalfini.

All in all it was an alright show.

Emmy Night! Part 1

It's that time of the year again. The Primetime Emmys! It's very exciting... for me anyways. Even though I'm not crazy about this year's host. Especially in compairison with last year's host: Conan O'Brien. Some how we've ended up with Ryan Seacreast... yeah not excited about that one. However many of the shows I love are nominated and many of the actors and actresses I love are nominated. So here we go with what I hope will happen:

Comedy Series: Two and A Half Men. This show has just gotten funnier as it has gone along and really deserves some recognition. If it actually gets it... well who knows.

Drama Series: I'm torn. I love House like no other but at the same time The Sopranos is nominated for what will be the last time now that the show has wrapped up.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Really no preference here. If Tony Shalloub wins again for Monk that'll be great. Ricky Gervis is also nominated which would prompt an interesting acceptance speech I'm sure.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Torn once more. Hugh Laurie is nominated for House and James Gandolfini for The Sopranos. Both play incredible characters so I'm happy if either one wins. I also wouldn't be disappointed if James Spader walked away with the award... just because I thnk he's pretty.

Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: So we meet again category that has scorned me before. If you have ever wondered why I hate Al Pachino this category is why (Meredith remembers that night well. I was very angry). I'm pulling for Matthew Perry who is nominated for The Ron Clark Story which was a great movie from TNT.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: No real preference here. I think it would be great is America Ferrera won again for Ugly Betty.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Mariska Hargitay is nominated once more for Law & Order Special Victims Unit, I'm always happy if someone from SVU wins. However Edie Falco is nominated for The Sopranos. Both are incredible actresses. But honestly gotta say that I'm hopeful for Mariska.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Jon Cryer no question. He's so funny and so underrated. The poor man's Matthew Broderick as he has been called. Please give him the Emmy.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: I'm really hoping for Michael Imperioli for The Sopranos. He's just great.

Variety, Music, or Comedy Series: It's been 14 years. Give the damn award to Late Night with Conan O'Brien already! For as long as I can remember Jon Stewart has won this award. Change this year! Give it to Conan for the love of God. This is the 12th nomination. Give it to him.

Those are my thoughts right now. I'll be back later on with Part 2.