Friday, October 30, 2009

"Don't stop me now! I'm kickin'!"

Netflix Score this week! April in Pars (1952) a musical starring Doris Day, Ray Bolger, and Claude Dauphin. One of my all time favorite movies, but one that has been difficult to track down.

The first time I saw this movie was at my Grandma's house. She had it on VHS and I remember sitting in the spare bedroom (that's where the VCR was), watching this technicolor delight. My Grandma had a ton of costume jewelry and scarves that were there for me to play with. So I got all dressed up; long silver gloves, which at the time went all the way up my arms, clip on earrings that looked like a bouquet of navy blue flowers with rhinestones in the middle, a large dinner ring to match, and a string of fake pearls. Also a scarf that I would tie around my head as a girl in a convertible would. In my case it was when I went into the hallway cause that was "outside."

I would pretend that it was the 50s and going to the movies was a big to-do. I'd tie my white, flowery scarf around my head, skip downstairs to get a bowl of popcorn and return to the "theatre" aka spare room. I can't help but think of my Grandma when I think about Doris Day. A lot of my love for music from the 40s and 50s comes from Gram. In particular the song "Que Sera Sera" which Gram would change to "Que Sara Sara" for my benefit.

This movie has always stayed with me. It's a situation of letters being sent to the wrong women. An invitation to represent Broadway at a festival in France was sent to Ethel "Dynamite" Jackson, a chorus girl played by Doris Day. Assistant Secretary to the Assistant to the Undersecretary of State, S. Winthrop Putnam, must try and fix this situation. But ends up infatuated with Dynamite.

Terrific musical numbers, my favorite is We're Gonna Ring the Bell Tonight. Which is a grand number that takes place on the ship traveling to France.

I won't give anything else away, but if you've seen any of the Doris Day musicals, you can probably guess how it ends. Never-the-less, it's delightful.

The trailer:

Definitely a movie worth checking out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Quick Note of Excitement

An incredible day for a this fangirl. Twitter is awesome. I'm starting out with that statement. Not only does it allow me to keep up with people, it gives me an opportunity to follow celebrities in ways I never imagined possible. When I was a little girl watching Full House I never thought that I'd be able to follow Danny Tanner.

So, I'm a Kevin Smith fan. All the way. I have a whole shelf of DVDs that are either his own work or just things he popped up in. I'm a fan. That being said, I of course follow him on Twitter.

Here's what he Tweeted:

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving to my adopted home planet of Canada. I'd like to enter the red chamber, lose my powers, and have sex with you.

Goren and Eames

I love Law and Order Criminal Intent. It is a fantastic show and the truth of the matter is that I started to watch it because of Vincent D'Onofrio. I believe it to be one of the more original shows that has been on TV in the last 10 years. Bobby Goren is a truly interesting and unique character. And the interaction between Goren and everyone else is part of the reason that I maintained this fandom.

Like many, I was upset when they announced that Vincent D'Onofrio was leaving and that Kathyrn Erbe was going to be phased out along with Eric Bogosian. In all honesty I probably won't continue to watch the show without these two main characters/actors. But I won't be boycotting the show or the network for that matter. In most of the interviews I've read D'Onofrio has said that he's decided to leave because they've done all that they can with his character. And I can see the reasoning behind that logic. He has given a lot to this show and this character. Anyone else remember why they brought the second team in? Because VDO collapsed on set a couple of times, he's given his all to this franchise and has decided to move on from it.

Kathyrn Erbe has also been with the show all along. Most shows don't last this long and if they do the cast usually switches out much earlier. Am I bummed out about the direction the show will probably end up taking? Of course. Am I angry? No. I like USA Network. They allowed CI to go somewhere that it never would've been able to as a lead in for SVU. We got some REALLY GREAT development with Bobby's character and Alex for that matter.

As a fan of both of these actors I'm hoping that this will give them both the opportunity to do more work. VDO has mostly done smaller roles during his years on CI and hopefully this'll mean I have to clear out some space on my D'Onofrio DVD shelf for new movies.

Plus. There's always fanfiction. Goodness knows that's what I've been using during the season break.

But again, I certainly won't be boycotting USA. Hello, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Psych, they do have good shows.