Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thank God You're Here, Dave Foley!

It was hilarious. Thank God You're Here! had an amazing two hour premire. Dave Foley is there as the judge... a wonderful... Sarcastic Canadian judge. Oh the children we would have. Ha. Ha. Moving on. If you didn't catch it this past Monday then tune in next Monday and watch it. I cannot remember the last time a TV show has made me laugh as hard as I did.

So I got the fifth and final season of News Radio this past week. As much as I love the show it really isn't the same without Phil Hartman. But Dave Foley is still there so I suffer through, haha.

Does anyone know if it is some kind of sign if you get hit with a clock? I know that's a random question but I'm trying to figure if God is trying to tell me something or if it was pure unlucky gravity. This morning I was getting dressed and I went to get something out of the chest of draws that my TV is on. Now on top of the TV is my retro Ikea clock. As I closed the bottom drawer it hit a little hard and the clock suddenly fell... and landed on my wrist... rather painfully. Gravity or God? Something about time or "damn! what the hell!?"

Alright, this is going to be it for tonight for two reasons. First Conan O'Brien is on and I love Conan. Second Carson is going to be on in a few minutes and while I hate Carson, one Mr. Quentin Tarantino is the guest tonight... I'm still trying to figure out both the crush and interest in his chin... Any thoughts my two readers?

Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's right I mean Quentin Tarantino. This might seem odd to some but here we go. The other night I was half-reading, half-watching Jay Leno, suddenly I looked up and QT had come out and filled the empty guest chair. That's when I found out... he's funny. Granted there are occasional moments of humor in his films, the discussion of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" song in Reservoir Dogs was hystarical. I couldn't explain what happened next but my mind came up with some rather unusal thoughts about the Director/Writer/Actor. I could've sworn that I thought he was attractive. Never before had this thought crossed my mind there it was.

I've shared mine now I want to hear someone else's celeb crush that probably should stay secret. Let me hear 'em... I know that I've only got like three readers, but play along here.

In other observations... I am loving the new show Andy Barker P.I. it's funny, Andy is hilarious, and best of all Tony Hale who is best known as playing Buster in Arrested Development is so fantasticly funny.

Coming up next week: the premier of Thank God You're Here. Looks kinda funny but here's what I'm looking forward to: Dave Foley. Oh baby. My favorite Canuck comedian being sarcastic and judging, I giggly girlishly at the thought. I would just like to point out that if Dave Foley and I had a kid, it would be the most sarcastic thing on the playground.

Okay, well that's all. If I get anymore ideas of something to write on or if something interesting happens I'll be here first... nothing much interesting happens much.