Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mad Men, Life on Mars, and Other Delights

Finally started watching Mad Men, didn't go out and buy it mind you. Netflix baby. It's actually an interesting show and I'm really enjoying it. Don Draper is a bit of a tool, personally I'd like to see more of some of the other characters. Definitely going to add season 2 to my queue.

Life on Mars came out on DVD today. Waiting till Friday to get it. I really wish that life would've lasted a little longer. Such a terrific show, interesting, incredible cast, and just down right fun. However, it seems that a lot of the shows that actually require thought don't last too long. Of course that just might be me being bitter about loosing a weekly installment of Michael Imperioli and awesome 70s music. A show worth checking out. The best summation of this show "Like the UK version; except with less tea and more ass kicking."

Hooked on Alias! Holy crap! I have no words to describe how much I adore this show... that's a lie, I can find the words. Spy shows are going to win me over every time. They have ever since I was a little girl, running around dressed all in black, calling myself Jane Bond. There's humor in it, constant ass kicking, disguises, gadgets and Victor Garber. Everything required for an awesome show. Who would've thought that the best friend from Sleepless in Seattle would make such an awesome Spy-dad. Also Tarantino makes a couple of appearances... that's where I lack words. There was a small appearance by Ricky Gervais as well, Jack Bristow kicks his ass. So worth buying season 3. I'm working my way through season 4 right now and will get around to 5 shortly.

Have found myself enjoying NCIS lately. Considering that it's on a constant loop on USA and that my dad and sister are both big fans. I always avoided because I didn't want to get sucked into another crime show but this one seems to be original in its mannerisms.

Watched the movie Management with my sister this afternoon. It's Steve Zahn and Jennifer Anniston. An okay movie, drags a bit here and there. Kind of a way to tell those future stalkers out there that if you persist it'll work out for ya. Not required viewing by any means, but there are worse things you could watch.

Well that's about all for tonight.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Premier Weeks and Other Things

First off. The sad news. It's been confirmed that Vincent D'Onofrio is leaving Criminal Intent at the beginning of the 9th season. He said in one article that he was ready to leave and thought that they've done everything they can with the character of Goren. As a CI fan I'm so incredibly bummed to hear this. As a VDO fan I'm excited that this might mean a few more movies with him. I don't know yet if I'll keep watching CI, I started to watch it for the expressed purpose of weekly D'Onofrio and I just don't really care for Jeff Goldblum in this role. Also I'm not sure how they're going to do this. The actress who had been Chris Noth's partner, then Jeff Goldblum's is leaving the show and most articles say that Kathryn Erbe and Eric Bogosian are going to be phased out. Basically they're going to be starting from scratch.

On to happier topics, the last two weeks were mostly focused on premier week.

The Office - Strong out of the gate as always. It was a nice throw back to the earlier episodes that just focus on the going-ons at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Dwight, Andy and Michael OWNED the cold open!

Big Bang Theory - I was so excited for season 3 to start. I got into this show at the end of last spring and up until that point only saw season 1 and clips of season 2 offline. When this premier finally rolled around I was giddy! And it certainly delivered! I do feel a little weird about Penny and Leonard being together. As much as I hate to admit it I've become a little bit of Penny/Sheldon shipper. That probably has more to do with me wanting Leonard for myself. Another great appearance by Laurie Metcalf as Sheldon's mother.

House - HOLY CRAP! Okay if Hugh Laurie doesn't get an Emmy for season 6 I'm going to think that the whole thing is fixed. The two hour premier was IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE! I wasn't crazy about him and that other woman, I'm a long time Huddy shipper, from the very first episode of season 1. Loved House in the mental institution and his interaction with the other inmates.

Numb3rs - The Premier is tonight, very excited. Finally getting some more in the way of Charlie/Amita.

The Jay Leno Show - I actually enjoy it. More then I enjoyed the 10.00 dramas. It's nice to have some comedy before the ever depressing news. Hopefully it'll work out well. It is basically a pared down version of Jay's Tonight Show. But it has been fun thus far.

Off the top of my head those are the shows I can think of. I'm waiting impatiently for the second half of Burn Notice season 3. Fanfiction for a reason people.

Friday, September 18, 2009

That Time of the Year!

My annual Emmy post! That time of year again, the Primetime Emmy Awards are on Sunday night. CBS is airing them this year, Neil Patrick Harris is hosting (a big step up from last year’s monstrosity that they called hosting). I’ll skip a repeat of that rant and just move along to the nominees and my picks.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Steve Carell – Michael Scott on “The Office”

Tony Shalhoub – Adrian Monk on “Monk”

Jemaine Clement – Jemaine on “Flight of the Conchords”

Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory”

Alec Baldwin – Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock”

Charlie Sheen – Charlie Harper “Two and a Half Men”

My Pick: Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper

My thoughts: In a perfect world it would be a tie between my two favorites, Steve Carell and Jim Parsons. This award has gone to Alec Baldwin over the last couple of years, each time I’ve disagreed with this. I watch 30 Rock and while it is an amusing show clearly this should go to Jim Parsons for Big Bang Theory (I’m not going to get started on the fact that Johnny Galecki was not nominated, wtf?). I really think he’s got the best chance this year. Although it would be a nice way for Tony Shalhoub to go out as this is the last season of Monk.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Sarah Silverman – Sarah Silverman on “The Sarah Silverman Program” (Holy crap)

Mary-Louise Parker – Nancy Botwin on “Weeds”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Christine on “The New Adventures of Old Christine”

Toni Collette – Tara Gregson on “The United States of Tara”

Christina Applegate – Samantha Newly on “Samantha Who?”

Tina Fey – Liz Lemon on “30 Rock”

My Pick: Tina Fey – Liz Lemon on “30 Rock”

My thoughts: I’m not just saying this so that I can go “Hey! I had one right!” Given the other people nominated it just seems like the obvious choice. Toni Collette is fantastic as Tara, but I don’t really see that show as a comedy, it’s more of a dramedy. If anyone else has a chance I think it would Christina Applegate.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Hugh Laurie – Dr. Gregory House on “House”

Michael C. Hall – Dexter Morgan on “Dexter”

Simon Baker – Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist”

Gabriel Byrne – Paul on “In Treatment”

Bryan Cranston – Walter White on “Breaking Bad”

Jon Hamm – Don Draper on “Mad Men”

My Pick: Hugh Laurie – Dr. Gregory House on “House”

My thoughts: Sweet Lord! Just give it to Hugh Laurie already! This season of House was IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE! You had House loosing his mind, the biggest Huddy-tease of all time, please please let him get it this year.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Mariska Hargitay – Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

Kyra Sedgwick – Brenda Leigh Johnson on “The Closer”

Holly Hunter – Grace Hanadarko on “Saving Grace”

Sally Field – Nora Walker on “Brothers & Sisters”

Elisabeth Moss – Peggy Olson on “Mad Men”

Glenn Close – Patty Hewes on “Damages”

My Pick: Mariska Hargitay – Olivia Benson on “L&O: SVU”

My thoughts: I hope Holly Hunter wins just so I can hear her give a speech. I’m still quoting Broadcast News. Smart money is on Mariska, I can’t really comment on this because I stopped watching SVU on a regular basis. It is entirely possible that Elisabeth Moss could snag it; people do seem to love Mad Men. Other than that I really don’t have an opinion on this aside from “Where is the nom for Lisa Edelstein?”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie

Kevin Bacon – Lt. Col. Mike Strobl in “Taking Chance”

Brendan Gleeson – Winston Churchill in “Into The Storm”

Kenneth Branagh – Kurt Wallander in “Wallander: One Step Behind”

Kevin Kline – Cyrano de Bergerac in “Cyrano de Bergerac”

Sir Ian McKellen – King Lear in “King Lear”

Kiefer Sutherland – Jack Bauer in “24: Redemption”

My Pick: Kevin Bacon – Lt. Col. Mike Strobl in “Taking Chance”

My thoughts: Taking Chance was an incredible film. My love of Kevin Kline and Ian McKellen aside, I really think that Kevin Bacon is going to take it.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie

Drew Barrymore – Little Edie in “Grey Gardens”

Jessica Lange – Big Edie in “Grey Gardens”

Sigourney Weaver – Mary Griffith in “Prayers For Bobby”

Shirley MacLaine – Coco Chanel in “Coco Chanel”

Chandra Wilson – Yvonne in “Accidental Friendship”

My Pick: Drew Barrymore – Little Edie in “Grey Gardens”

My thoughts: I loved loved loved Grey Gardens! I’m a fan of the original documentaries and this movie really gave us an inside look at how these two women got to this place. It was beautifully done and Drew was just incredible as Little Edie, that was a big role to take and she did so beautifully.

Outstanding Comedy Series



“How I Met Your Mother”

“Flight of the Conchords”

“30 Rock”

“The Office”

“Family Guy”

My Pick: “The Office”

My thoughts: Side stepping the rant of “Big Bang Theory” not being nominated, I really think “The Office” earned the Emmy this year. Season 5 was incredible! You had the Michael Scott Paper Company, a dance off, the company picnic, THE DUEL, how could this possibly NOT go to them?

Outstanding Drama Series

“Big Love”




“Mad Men”

“Breaking Bad”


My Pick: “House”

My thoughts: “House” was simply outstanding this year! I can’t even begin to count the “gasp” moments I had this season. The Huddy development, the Kutner story line, House’s hallucinations… it has been a fantastic season and I really hope that they’ll acknowledge that.

Outstanding Made for Television Movie

“Taking Chance”

“Grey Gardens”

“Into the Storm”

“Prayers for Bobby”

“Coco Chanel”

My Pick: “Grey Gardens”

My thoughts: I just can’t get over how much I loved this movie. Again, I’m a big fan of the documentary and this movie just brought these two women to a level of understanding for the audience. Beautifully made movie, fantastic performances, and just glorious in every way.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Kevin Dillon – Johnny Drama on “Entourage”

Jon Cryer – Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men”

Rainn Wilson – Dwight Schrute on “The Office”

Neil Patrick Harris – Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother”

Tracy Morgan – Tracy Jordan on “30 Rock”

Jack McBrayer – Kenneth Parcell on “30 Rock”

My Pick: Either: Jon Cryer – Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men”


Rainn Wilson – Dwight Schrute on “The Office”

My thoughts: Ever since they’ve started nominated Jon Cryer for this award I have been pulling for him. He plays a great characters and deserves some recognition for it. That being said. Dwight Shcrute is possibly one of my all time favorite TV show characters of all time. I’d be happy if either of these guys took the Emmy home.



Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

William Shatner – Denny Crane on “Boston Legal”

Michael Emerson – Ben Linus on “Lost”

William Hurt – Daniel Purcell on “Damages”

Christian Clemenson – Jerry Espenson on “Boston Legal”

Aaron Paul – Jesse Pinkman on “Breaking Bad”

John Slattery – Roger Sterling on “Mad Men”

My Pick: William Shatner – Denny Crane on “Boston Legal”

My thoughts: This was a great role for Shatner and of all the nominees, it really should go to him.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Kristin Chenoweth – Olive Snook on “Pushing Daisies”

Elizabeth Perkins – Celia Hodes on “Weeds”

Vanessa Williams – Wilhelmina Slater on “Ugly Betty”

Jane Krakowski – Jenna Maroney on “30 Rock”

Amy Poehler – Various Characters on “Saturday Night Live”

Kristen Wiig – Various Characters on “Saturday Night Live”

My Pick: Jane Krakowski – Jenna Maroney on “30 Rock”

My thoughts: I’ve been a fan of Jane since the Ally McBeal days, so I’m pleased to see her nominated. However I’m not hell bent on her winning because Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig both had great seasons on SNL. This one is up in the air.

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Sandra Oh – Dr. Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Rose Byrne – Ellen Parsons on “Damages”

Chandra Wilson – Dr. Miranda Bailey on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Dianne Wiest – Gina on “In Treatment”

Hope Daive – Mia on “In Treatment”

Cherry Jones – President Allison Taylor on “24”

My thoughts: I don’t watch any of these shows, so I really have no opinion on this category.

Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Real Time with Bill Maher

The Colbert Report

Late Show with David Letterman

Saturday Night Live

My Pick: Saturday Night Live

My thoughts: This is the first year without a Late Night with Conan O’Brien nomination so I’m free to support SNL. I think with this past year with the elections and what not that SNL will probably take it. If not them, then hopefully either Jon Stewart or Colbert.

Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy Series

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Colbert Report

Late Show with David Letterman

Saturday Night Live

Late Night with Conan O’Brien

My Pick: Guess. Late Night with Conan O’Brien

My thoughts: I love Late Night with COB. I really think that this would be a great book end for that show ending and maybe help with the development of Conan’s Tonight Show. They were consistently funny and always entertaining, So that’s where I am on this one.

I think that’s about it for the major stuff. I would’ve done the Outstanding Writing for Comedy and Drama series’. However, the Comedy nominees were all for “30 Rock” and one for “Flight of the Conchords.” While the Drama nominees were all for “Mad Men” and one for “Lost.” Either way I think we all know which shows are winning in those categories. I really think that there should’ve been some other shows in there. “House” had an incredible season as did “The Office” and “Big Bang Theory.”

Two shows that are missing from these awards that I think should have nominations across the board. First: “Burn Notice” this is an incredible, original show. The cast is made up of talented people and the stories are engaging. Where are the noms?

Second: Law & Order Criminal Intent. In my opinion the best of the three Law & Order shows. Vincent D’Onofrio gives a consistently incredible performance every episode and the rest of the cast is equally talented.

Those are just my thoughts, remember to tune in on Sunday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please Be True!

A nice pic of mine from Comic-Con this past year.

So I found this Delicious speculation. Apparently it's rumored that Bruce Campbell might be the villain in the next Spider-Man movie. Can I just say that this could be the thing to turn this horrific series around. They started out strong then got to a point of "WTF?"

Were Bruce Campbell to take a major role in the 4th Spider-Man... sorry got side tracked thinking about that. My mind would be blown.

However, there is reason to doubt because in the last three movies BC has had small cameos all of which he describes as being "major roles." There is validity in his explanations, but I'd hate to get all excited just to find out that he was going to be a taxi driver or some other random task performer.

Please please please let this rumor be true. I would enjoy him as a villain as would a lot of other fangirls out there... and guys would like that too... probably in a different way.

Going to sleep with this happy thought.
--Geek Girl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh My

Okay a couple of things.

First: Got the Comic-Con tickets this morning! Yay! So much excitement, going with my sister this time. Should be interesting, sis isn't super fluent in geek.

What exactly does this: Where does that leave Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe? The CI vets are in talks to return in some capacity mean? I can pretty much guarantee that if VDO isn't back on they loose me as a viewer. That thought seriously makes my stomach fall a little. What is CI without Goren and Eames?

Third: Big Bang Theory Season 2 on DVD, a review will be up later on.

Also don't forget that the season finale of America's Got Talent is on tonight. I'm hoping for Grandma Lee to win... I think.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

VMAs 09

I totally forgot that the VMAs were on tonight, not that I would've watched them. But I've been waiting for Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami to start, so I threw it on.
A number of things:

1. What kind of absolute d-bag does something like that! So Taylor Swift wins for Best Female Video. She has just begun her acceptance speech and they were doing some audience shots of the other nominees. They go back to the stage and Kayne West is there, he's taken the microphone out of Taylor's hand and starts on about how Beyonce's video was the best. He then gives her the mic back and walks off the stage. Leaving a shocked Taylor there, unsure what to say as anyone would be. Who seriously does that? To a 19 year old girl who just won her first VMA? It just blows my freaking mind. I don't care who you think should've won, you don't do that to another person.
His half-ass apology is online already and attempts to defend his outburst by saying that he's a "fan of real pop culture." What does that mean? Does country not count? I'm pretty sure that it's just as much a part of pop culture as rap, hip-hop, pop, metal, any musical variation that emerges from this culture. Just because someone doesn't appreciate it, doesn't mean it's not apart of our culture.

2. I have never been a big fan of Beyonce. I like Jennifer Hudson much more. But she was very classy tonight. After winning an award later on in the show she brought Taylor out on stage and let her finish her speech. Such a decent thing to do and I really respect her for that.

3. What hell is Lady GaGa wearing? First it was some kind of bird's nest around her face, then she performed and... hung herself, I think? Then they came back and she was wearing this thing that made her look like the Red Queen in chess.

I think I might watch the full replay later. I had been doing homework for school and got online afterwards. There was this tidal wave of things about Kayne.

I'm not all that familiar with a lot of the people up for awards, so there isn't much else to weigh in on.

There will be some more updates soon with more movie reviews. Also premier week is coming up on the networks and THE EMMYS! Should be worlds better then last year.

That's all for tonight.

--Geek Girl

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holy Nostalgia Batman!

So I'm channel surfing. Just finished watching Design Star on HGTV. Discovered that Retro TV channel shows Off Beat Cinema! Actors playing beatniks host old movies. It's a Buffalo based program that used to air in Erie at 2 in the morning. For the longest time I wanted to be The Mysterious Zelda. It's just a fun program that I've missed since moving.

Hmm... so what other viewings lately... Saw All About Steve today, it was pretty good. On one hand I could see what critics didn't like about it. But as a "quirky" girl who doesn't date much... at all... and has felt that pressure to be "normal," I really loved it.

As of yesterday I have completed my collection of Friends DVDs. All 10 seasons baby!

Other than that it's been a pretty slow weekend. I have The Graduate and Joy Luck Club to watch for my classes on Wednesday. But I'm going to use my day off tomorrow for that. And now, back to Off Beat Cinema.

--Geek Girl

Thursday, September 3, 2009

4 Day Weekend Baby!

Netflix arrived today, you know how excited I get when that happens!
So this is what came:

Love in the Time of Money (2002) an Indie/romantic comedy. Normally these movies tend to be identical and depressing but I actually enjoyed this one... although it still had hints of being depressing. And it is rated R for a reason, there are some areas that might be uncomfortable for some people. I don't want to give anything away but there are some dealings with suicide in it.
So, the amazing cast. No one can feel depressed with this cast:
Steve Buscemi
Rosario Dawson
Michael Imperioli (*melts*)
Jill Hennessy
Adrian Grenier
And many more. The movie is woven together with little segments about different characters. They each get about 15-20 minutes each and then they meet someone and we follow that person to the next portion. It moved quickly and had some dark comedy. Now I know everyone thinks that Adrian Grenier is all dreamy and what have you. But I beg to differ. Between Michael Imperioli and Steve Buscemi there was just no screen left for Adrian. Imperioli tends to get type-casted as the Italian badass, but this movie proved that he is capable of so much more. And I'm just happy any time Steve Buscemi gets a girl in a movie. I'm always like "Yay! Good for you!"

Now the other movie that arrived that I watched tonight was Miami Rhapsody (1995). This is one of those movies that I think I've seen all of, but aren't quite sure of it. What a great flick! Again a fantastic cast:
Sarah Jessica Parker
Gil Bellows (Billy from Ally McBeal anyone?)
Antonio Banderas
Mia Farrow
Kevin Pollak
Jeremy Piven
A small part for Ben Stein
And some very uncomfortable moments from Kelly Bishop (Aka Emily from Gilmore Girls) Some people I just see as a "grown-up" no matter what age I am. And when they get freaky or say dirty things, I find it moderately unsettling.
So SJP's character Gwen is at a new Gynocologist and starts to tell this story about how she was proposed to. It takes off from there, looking at the different marriages and relationships around Gwen and how they affect her. It really is a great movie, especially if you're looking for something to just kind of veg out and watch.

I also got Las Vegas, An Unconventional History: American Experience... because that's just how I am. I love documentaries about cities, periods in time, Hollywood pre-Hays or post-Hays Production Code, the rating system for movies, the use of the F-word, past presidents, etc. I'm all kinds of Doc-geek.

And on that note, Conan is starting and my geeking must be focused on that lanky, red-headed delight.

--Geek Girl

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Small Lapse

Well didn't post anything yesterday because I didn't really have anything to write about. Also had some reading and note taking to do for school. Didn't really watch anything worth reporting on yesterday. Basically went back and forth between news shows and HGTV until it was time for Conan to start.

Tonight I had auditions for the sketch comedy group down on campus so I was there until about 8 p.m. Didn't get home until 9, ate a BLT minus the T plus Italian dressing (I'm a weird eater) like it was going out of style. I had been at auditions since 4.30 so I was crazy hungry when I finally got home. Did my sign language homework which was delightful because the DVD I have to use for it looks like it's from the 80s. Seriously the people doing the signing are crazy 80s fashion.

Caught the end of Law and Order SVU, which I stopped watching last year because it just got to a point where I couldn't anymore. And now I'm just kicking it with Conan. I love that red headed funny man! Headed for bed after this, if I can't sleep I've got Mah Jong on the iPhone baby!

Night night

--Geek Girl