Sunday, November 25, 2007

WGA Strike Support; Plea From a Fan Girl

Right now if you were to look at my livejournal page you would see that my profile icon, in the font of Law & Order, proclaims:

Law & Order: CI fans support the WGA strike.

For those who don't dig the whole Law & Order scene, the Doink-doink is that noise heard through out the show. (I'm sure that explanation provoked a collective "oh!")

And yes I do support the strike. As an aspiring TV & Film writer I absolutely support the strike. I think that by striking the writers have proven just how important they are to the entertainment industry. Often portrayed and referred to as the low man on the totem pole, or at least that's how it seems to be in my film classes at school, the writers are finally getting some attention. 

TV shows are running out of new episodes and some films have had to shut down production without access to a WGA approved writer. There are two new episodes left of Law & Order: CI. As of right now there is only one more new episode of Numb3rs being spoiled on So having establishing my support, I now would like to establish my, as well as many other TV addicts, incredible need for the strike to be resolved.

On Tuesday afternoon I'm sitting in an English class. It's one of those instances where you would rather be anywhere else in the world or maybe banging your head against a wall. Just because it would be something else to do. About twelve minutes in to class my mind has wandered off to the episode of House that will be awaiting me after an hour and a half spent in traffic. After House is the latest episode of Law & Order SVU. Granted I haven't been quite as excited lately because of the obvious and painful lack of Richard Belzer's character John Munch. However that is another rant for another time.

Thursday all I can think about is Law & Order Criminal Intent. The entire day has become dedicated to this show thanks to the USA Network and their all day marathon. I wake up, watch a few episodes, leave for school, get back from school and watch a few more reruns. The new episode beginning later that night. My fangirling of Vincent D'Onofrio is also part of this process.

And let us not forget the late night shows. How I miss my Conan O'Brien. Week nights just aren't the same. There's no new Jay Leno to mock, no Lettermen to annoy. No new Conan to giggle over. And by giggle I of course mean laugh insanely hard to the point that I wonder if I've woken some one up.

It has become a slightly sadder world for those of us addicted to Television. Although I have been catching up on DVDs I had been putting aside because, silly me, I had purchased them on a night of new episodes. Of course I'm also running out on DVDs to catch up on now.

So this is merely a blind plea. Give as much support as you can to the WGA. However, at the same time hope for a resolution soon. Cause I want to see House and Cuddy get it on.