Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Bang Theory

The CBS sitcom that has been rocking my world as of late is The Big Bang Theory. A great show for fangirls, fanboys, and everybody else (there are other types of people?) Not only is it hysterical in a general way but there are also in-jokes for those of a geeky persuasion.

Okay so I'm breaking down the reasons I love this show:

1. Johnny Galecki as Leonard. I've been a fan since I was growing up watching him on Roseanne and it's fun to see him in a different role.

2. This is one of the more accurate portrayal of geeks. They have a whole variety the socially inept (Sheldon), capable of interaction without being creepy (Leonard), geek who thinks he's a ladies man but actually comes off as creepy (Howard) and sweetheart who can't talk when a pretty girl is around (Koothrappali). Then there is also the pretty girl from next door, Penny. She doesn't really get the guys and their ways but learns to embrace them through time.

3. They have those hypothetical conversations we're all guilty of. "If you were a robot and didn't know, would you want me to tell you?" or "How would the Civil War be different if Abraham Lincoln had been a robot from the future."

4. This is reason enough:

5. This also helps:

If you haven't watched this show yet, DO SO! Immediately!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Sleepy Sunday

Well last night I ended up watching Sudden Death.

It was kind of incredible, a blatant rip off of Die Hard, but incredible never the less.

The Trailer:

Take a look, let me know if anything seems familiar. The movie was a little hard to focus on because I was busy noticing all the ripping off. It wasn't just big things like van Damme tying that thing around his waist and jumping off the roof, but there were little things too in the story line. Kind of like Die Hard on ice.

Started to watch Lethal Weapon after that. I don't know why but I keep starting to watch it and then stopping half way through for some reason or another.

Fell asleep watching HGTV, there's something oddly enjoyable about home shows. Also it keeps me from the strange dreams I get if I fall asleep with the news on.

Woke up briefly this morning and tried to watch CBS Sunday Morning but fell asleep again, which is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, I go through that routine almost every Sunday.

Been working on reading for school most of the day. A lot of pages for a little point. This one author has an entire theory of how Casablanca is a metaphor for America and the hesitance to enter World War II. It actually made quite a bit of sense to me. But I get annoyed with these classes sometimes, I don't know why we can't ever let a movie just be entertaining. Why does everything have to have this secret meaning? Sometimes it is interesting, I love the whole back/in story with Citizen Kane, with why the sled was called Rosebud and how Hearst made sure that the movie didn't win any Oscars. At the same time why can't we just take things for what they are and not try to shove them into these big metaphorical realms.

Watched a bit of the Bond marathon on USA, but didn't stay with it too long. They weren't showing any of my favorites until later. Golden Eye was on. This movie has special meaning for me because it was my first in theatre Bond and it was also the first new Bond of my generation. I've loved James Bond movies since I was about 7. My grandpa had most of them on VHS and on Sundays my siblings and I would watch them. This set off my spy phase which meant me running around in all black, with my "spy kit" and calling myself Jane Bond, 006, James' sister.

After that I just threw the news on while I finished up some reading for school and waited for Khole and Kourtney Take Miami. I cannot explain my fascination with this show, all I can say for sure is that it is there and I like watching it. Threw on some Law and Order CI after that, just in time for a little D'Onofrio.

Not sure what I'll put on now, probably just something random that I can fall asleep to. We'll see what tomorrow brings me.

Sweet Geeks

--Geek Girl

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Movies for School

I love being a film student. A big part of our curriculum is watching movies. Can't do better than that!

So today I watched Memento. A movie that I had heard about but never had a real desire to see. But for my script analysis class I had to. It actually wasn't that bad, a bit strange but interesting in its ways. The main character Leonard has a short term memory problem and can't remember anything past his wife's murder. But things aren't as they seem and the only thing he has to go on are notes, tattoos on his body and Polaroids. Worth seeing:

The other movie I watched for today was Casablanca. Which was of course incredible, it's Casablanca! A nice reminder of what the film industry was once capable of. I had seen bits and pieces over the years but never actually sat down and watched the whole thing. Until today that is. A great film, recommended for one and all:

Also watched Hocus Pocus! A favorite from childhood. Found it for $9 at Wal-Mart and just couldn't resist. Really just put me in the mood for Halloween.

Of course Hocus Pocus put me in the mood for Bette Midler so I put on First Wives Club. However, this is just putting me in the mood for a Goldie Hawn movie so I foresee Banger Sisters in the near future or Foul Play (Depending on my mood). Of course I still have Sudden Death to watch from Netflix. It's an action movie with Jean Claude van Damme that takes place at a Penguins game in the 90s. The trailer is basically a Die Hard rip off. Similar shots, same song. Still excited to watch it because of my love of hockey and action movies.

That's all for this moment in time.
On the off chance that someone reads this, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

--Geek Girl

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday in the House

Slow day. Drove down to campus to go see the sketch comedy show that I want to try out for. Got there early, had some lunch and no one ever showed up to do the show. My friend and I waited for about half an hour, nobody even showed up to say that it was cancelled. So I drove 40 minutes to campus, on a day when I don't usually have to, had lunch and then turned around to come back.

On the plus side, swung by Target on my way back and picked up House season 5.
A fantastic season for many different reasons:
1) It's House, how fantastic is that!
2) Some of the best episodes and guest stars (Meat Loaf!)
3) My most favorite: The year of House and Cuddy! Vindication for "those crazy Huddy fans"
4) The Kutner thing, which was an episode I had missed and was stunned by.
Such a great season and I'm hoping for some gold at the Emmys this year.

And that is that for this moment in time.

Enjoy some geekin' during the weekend... that did not work like I hoped it would.
--Geek Girl

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Long Lapse

It has been almost two years since I've posted anything here. Stumbling across this link and discover that I remember the password! This prompted me to start up again. I figured that I would use this to write about movies, TV shows, other geeky stuff on a regular basis (Hopefully).

So Netflix has been my boyfriend lately. Nice and reliable, I always get an email if something's going to be delayed, really quite delightful.

Yesterday I received The Last Days of Disco (which was just released this past Tuesday) and season 3 of a Canadian show called Robson Arms.

The Last Days of Disco was enjoyable enough. Any movie that has a soundtrack that features disco music makes me happy, so right of the bat there was that. The cast was great too. The main characters are Alice (Chloe Sevigny, pre-Big Love) and Charlotte (Kate Beckinsale). Alice is still developing her personality and starts off as a very "kindergarten teacher" type girl. But she slowly comes out of her shell (sex with Robert Sean Leonard gets that ball rolling). Charlotte is a self indulgent bitch that you want to hit at various points through out the film.
Fans of Gilmore Girls will be amused to see Chris Eigeman (aka Jason) as Des, one of the club owners who is on a downward spiral. We're first introduced to his character as he is going through different women, breaking up with them by convincing them that he's gay. He takes an interest in Alice, but has a personality similar to Charlotte's. This adds to irritation.
There's the minor part of Rex, filled by Mark McKinney. Sadly he's only there for a few fleeting minutes.
Overall the plot is a bit fuzzy and there's a lot of random jumping around. But it's fun to watch the interaction between these different characters. And it's a different portrayal of the 1970s, which was surprising considering that it was made in 1998. While it's not a must see, it is worth seeing.

Now Robson Arms, a great Canadian TV show about an apartment building in Vancouver and the intersecting lives of the people who reside there. I enjoyed the first season and had originally gotten it because Mark McKinney (Kids in the Hall) and Megan Follows (Anne of Green Gables) both had parts in it. As well as William B. Davis AKA The Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.
I haven't seen Season 2 but I was trolling Netflix the other day while I was in a Dave Foley mood and saw that he was in season 3 of Robson Arms.
In this season the building has new owners from America, played by Dave Foley (as Chuck) and Allison Hossack (as his wife Trixie). There is of course the usual stereotype of the Americans, but there's something about Dave Foley's way that keeps me from being annoyed.
If you enjoy dramedies this show is worth checking out.

While on the topic of Dave Foley and Mark McKinney, The Kids in the Hall have started to film Death Comes to Town!!

And on that happy note, I've got 20 minutes till Conan starts.
Until next time, keep geeking =)

--Geek Girl