Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Friday

A rather slow day today. No remedial math class for retards and fuck ups today! (A Ghost World reference for those none the wiser). I've spent my afternoon searching for movies at Circuit City, fruitless as always. So now I'm enjoying True Romance with the audio commentary on (Tarantino, I could listen to him talk all day... although I could think of some ways to shut him up). I think the rest of my day and this evening I'll just watch movies and work on some stories. There's a new fanfic on the horizon, not to mention a few original stories that I've been working on.

Oh a new show that might be worth checking out. Not actually new but it's new to me. Slings and Arrows, a Canadian show that Mark McKinney (one of the Kids in the Hall) performs and writes. It's very funny and definetly worth watching, I think all three seasons might be up on Youtube.

Hopefully I'll be checking out a used book store tomorrow that also has used movies and music, yay! I'm hoping to find some stuff from my Find List there. A few little known Tarantino as an actor flicks, some Steve Buscemi movies cause who doesn't love Buscemi? and some other misc stuff.

Okay, so I've basically did nothing but ramble this time around. Just trying to get the thoughts in my head to stop swirling and focus on my writing. I'll try and post something with a little more substance later.


Monday, July 2, 2007

My Top Ten

So I have a current fascination with watching E! I've been watching their "news" shows, The Soup, Girls Next Door, True Hollywood Story. (Relax though, I don't watch the, to be perfectly immature, stupid shows with Paris and Nicole and that ridiculous Sunset Tan) Alright, I'm getting to a point, I was watching one of the entertainment shows the other night and they listed their "Top Ten Hollywood Guys" which we all know is just a giant beauty pagent for guys. Well I'm rejected you Top Ten E! List. Here are my top ten guys:

10. Kevin Smith. Geek royalty, much beloved by stoners, geeks, and general whoevers. His hilarious films rock and manage to not only entertain but also give some small messages along the way.

9. Conan O'Brien. "Keep cool my babies!" The beloved O'Brien. Future king of late night (Once he takes over for Leno) not only a Harvard grad but just a funny man.

8. Bill Pullman. The hotter brother that Sandra Bullock should have known about from the get go in While You Were Sleeping. Pullman has a great diversity in his film roles. Capable of going from something like Scary Movie 4 to the chick flick supreme While You Were Sleeping all the way to a more serious role in Igby Goes Down. Plus he's very very attractive.

7. Alan Tuydk. Well hello there. Popular for playing Wash from Firefly and Steve The Pirate from Dodgeball. Also easy on the eyes and capable of musical theatre, drama, and a mental patient. Yay for Tuydk.

6. Dave Foley. My favorite Canadian. The man who taught me that sarcasm is a gift. God bless Canada.

5. Vincent D'Onofrio. Token pretty guy. An amazing character actor who gets no where near the respect that he deserves. Worship at the alter of D'Onofrio.

4. David Krumholtz. Math prof hottie. Numb3rs is what it is because of this curly haired actor. If he and I were to have children, they would be adorable... just saying... should he read this... probably won't... putting it out there anyways.

3. Richard Belzer. Conspiracy theoriest, stand up comedian, TV detective John Munch for the last 14 years. Sarcastic, suspicious... delicious.

2. Quentin Tarantino. I'll ride in his car any day of the week. Rebel filmmaker. Self made Hollywood man. Oh baby.

1. Alan Rickman. I dare you to not enjoy one of his movies. It can't be done. He is a terrific actor who, like many, doesn't always get the appreication that he deserves. And my God, his voice... damn... other Rickman fans know what I'm talking about.

Look at that, a top ten list that doesn't consist of clones. All have different positions in Hollywood and more then that all have honest to goodness, geniune talent. Take that E!