Sunday, January 31, 2010

Devoted Fandoms

Hardcore fangirls (and boys) are an interesting breed. I consider this thought as I sit through the Grammys waiting for a brief moment of Quentin Tarantino. Suddenly I begin to consider all of the long B-movies, the crappy award shows, the random episodes of TV I have sat thru in order to see an actor or actress that I’m a fan of.

For instance, Ed Wood. One of the longest, most random movies you could sit through, especially if you aren’t a fan of Johnny Depp. No no, as a Vincent D’Onofrio fan I waited for an 8-minute appearance towards the very end of the movie to see VDO playing Orson Welles. And when I got there I discovered that his voice had been dubbed by that of the man who used to play The Brain (as in Pinky and The Brain).

But we still sit through these things even if just for a glimmer. We stay up till 3 in the morning to record a movie off TV because the movie isn’t going to be released on DVD anytime soon. And to buy it on VHS from Amazon would cost more than you care to pay. It’s amazing the things we do.

In that same thread, I point to the massive outpouring of devoted Conan fans these last couple of weeks. There were rallies held in the rain, “I’m With CoCo” shirts and signs, and a mass online campaign to show support for the ginger giant. It’s no secret that I am a devoted fan and I have never been so proud to be a part of a fan community.

So my three readers and any other fangirls or fanboys out there, tell me about your hardcore fandoms.

Team Conan


val said...

Pity me - I have to sit through JFK to find the few moments the lovely Vincent is in that so that I can post some pictures from it on my V-blog (I'm posting pictures from ALL his movies, having doen it already for every episode of LOCI. Devoted? I think so!)

Geek Girl said...

I sat through JFK too, of course it wasn't too bad because Gary Oldman is incredible in it. And VDO was in all of 3 minutes of a 3 hour movie. We devote to VDO for good reason ;D